I actually sourced for about 7-8 IDs and I shortlisted 2. However, I met my nice neighbour who introduced Benjamin Tay as an alternative for me to consider. I thought, should be good to look whether I can click with him. From the initial meeting to the planning of budget, Ben really fulfilled them and this is the ID I was looking for. As a first time homeowner and doing renovation, I had some many enquiries and questions on the process but Ben really helped and guided me through this. Equipped with many years of expertise, he really blessed us (me and my mother) with his knowledge. In the midst of tough deadlines, he really pulled through and managed to deliver the hand-over before CNY. This was a challenge itself as COVID-19 is still prevalent in our areas. I would like to thank Ben for this hard work and dedication in this project. As a project manager, he has to wear many hats and certainly this is not a simple task. Even with amendments, he managed to pull this off. Definitely recommend him as an ID to other people. In fact, we already introduced relatives to him because of his pro-activeness and prompt replies. Ben actually introduced ideas and made good suggestions which I felt wasn’t good to me at first but eventually I began to understand why. He began to conceptualise and in the end I felt the decisions made by him really paid off. I think a good ID has to have the same mindset as you and both looking at the same direction. In terms of color scheme of our walls, we simply look the cool-looking blue color and the color palette Ben suggested really look nice. Thank you for making the house I am looking to live in, a reality.