I highly recommend Inspire ID Group! Kelvin was my ID and I am glad this was the best decision me and my wife made!

My wife and me met Kelvin during our search for IDs when we were about to receive our BTO keys. He was the last one we met, and we confirmed to engage his services at that meeting.

While his quotation was not the cheapest compared to the other 4 CASE-TRUST ID companies I met, I am glad that we clicked as I communicated what I wanted. I was intrigued when he showed me his portfolio of a curvy false ceiling. That grabbed my attention right away since it was something different from the “standard” template.

The result turned out well. My wife and I were impressed. The whole renovation was completed seamlessly and swiftly. Kelvin made sure he got his contractors to rectify certain flaws before I flagged them to him.

Kelvin had also been thoughtful in small but useful implementation in my TV console and kitchen cabinets. He is also very responsive if I needed help.

The best part, there wasn’t a need for any price change and it was kept to the quotation!

*Thumbs up* Kelvin!