Who We Are?

With great demand of overwhelming results from our customers over the years. It is composed by an elite group of experienced senior designers and skilled craftsmen.

The success of Inspire ID Group is down to a simple philosophy; stay loyal to client’s brief and requirements, yet at the same time, create an interior that meets the highest standards, whilst providing a unique memorable experience for the customers.

Whether you are looking for a Classical, Modern Minimalist or Contemporary Design. We are pleased to offer you the design and finishing that will exceed your needs; be it a villa, an apartment, a loft, a penthouse or even a commercial space.

At Inspire ID Group, we specialise in ONE thing; YOU! It’s our ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your personality and we pride ourselves on doing everything within your budget!

Everything about us is customizing.

  • From initial design ideas all the way till completion, we handle it all
  • Making your life hassle free
  • And saving you valuable time.

Our Team

Why Choose Us

We’re 100% dedicated, 40% faster, and 15% cheaper! We take care of it all

Everything from initial design draft to implementation and beyond.

No random suppliers

No conflicting timelines or fluctuating costs.

Everything is integrated under one roof and one budget.
A one stop solution company with only one end result. Happy Clients, YOU!

About The Co-Owner

With more than a decade of experience, Russell Chin is no ordinary man in the Interior Design sector. Inspire ID Group is run by the founder, Russell Chin, who has an innate passion for creating dream homes for people. For the love of designing homes, Russell started Inspire ID Group and continued creating beautiful homes for many satisfied clients till today.

The distinct quality that Inspire ID Group prides themselves in is that they are a one-stop solution for homeowners. Russell, in fact, gives a whole new definition to a one-stop solution as he goes beyond the interior design aspect to aid his clients. Being in the interior design industry for so long, Russell understands the needs of homeowners. And what better way to cater to them other than doing it yourself? Russell works with clients and painstakingly sketches the designs before creating these masterpieces, where inspiration comes from almost anything.

Russell is also an elected management committee for RCMA (Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association). He is frequently invited to give talk about renovation tips at MyNiceHome roadshows all over Singapore. These roadshows are organised by HDB to prepare homeowners for their BTO flats.

Do check out Russell’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/russellcyruschin to stay up to date on the latest events and learn more about our organization. We hope to see you there!

Our Services

What We Do




“Passion to create homes is what truly matters and above all, interior design is about comfort.” says Russell.

For clients who are still at a blank page when it comes to creating an ideal home, rest assured as Russell has something up his sleeve. He takes the time to get to know his clients and digs deeper to realise their passion before exploring the different design aspects that will best suit to individual clients.

How big is your team and how do you ensure that your team of designers are always motivated to deliver their best?

I have a team of about 30 designers. I always tell them if you’re not passionate about interior design and about getting to know people before creating their homes then this is not for you. Interior design is a very hectic and demanding industry to be in. It is pure hard work and the hours have to be put in.

I also make it a point not to impose a significant style for Inspire ID Group as all designers have their own creativity and their own style, and a home becomes their playground to showcase their innovative and technical skills.

Inspire ID Group takes pride in not adopting a ‘copy and paste’ working style. You’ll never find 2 homes with the same design. It can be similar but never the same as each individual home-owner has their own needs and Inspire ID Group specialises in customising exactly what is needed by their clients. Integrity could be one of the key factors that enable Russell to withstand the tests of time, and still stay in this industry for more than a decade. Inspire ID prides themselves as a one-stop destination with no hidden costs. The amount that they quote you includes all the services promised. No upselling. No additional frills.

What should homeowners look out for when finding a perfect Interior Designer?

You need to look for a company with a CaseTrust – RCMA accreditation that protects your deposits through a deposit performance bond if the company is liquidated or missing in action. You should also read their feedback and reviews from previous customers and lastly, have a look at the awards they have won. This will give you a better idea and a peace of mind when signing any contract with vendors.